NViso ApkScan . The name of this application says it all since it is an APK scanning app. NViso ApkScan can help you check how safe the APK file you want to side load is. Once you install the app on your Android device and use it to check the APK file, NViso offers you a very detailed report about it. The best thing about NViso is that app has

24 янв 2017 Nviso APKSCAN — это еще один удобный сетевой инструмент для проверки приложения на наличие вредоносного кода. Результаты  Examples of that would be NViso ApkScan, Virus Total, and Hash Droid. Once you know that it's clean, you can install the app using the verified APK. 22 Feb 2013 nViso, a young company founded by a group of Belgian Infosec professionals/ enthusiasts, is working on a project called “Apkscan“. APK is the  24 Aug 2016 scan an uploaded Android Package Header (APK) file and report the results: NVISO ApkScan, AndroidTotal, Metadefender and VirusTotal.

Examples of that would be NViso ApkScan, Virus Total, and Hash Droid. Once you know that it's clean, you can install the app using the verified APK.

17/07/2020 · NViso APKScan is also a good choice to scan your APK file. This tool also provides you with a detailed report on the APK file that you have checked. One advantage of NViso APKScan is that it doesn App Store App Name Developer NVISO Scan Results VirusTotal Scan Results Risk Type Amazon Basic guide for Fortnite (com.mobincube_.guia_para_fortnite_.sc_DZDNQPD-1 Kaspersky Lab and Interpol's recently released Mobile Cyber Threat Report shows a significant increase in the number of cyber-attacks targeting Android users, highlighting the need for successful anti-malware solutions for the Android OS. Because Android applications are distributed via Android package files (APKs), compressed files that contain all of the files in a given app, special care apkscan.nviso.be seems to be pretty good at analyzing files for suspicious activity, and it also uploads the file to virustotal for you. Then you can copy the sha256 hash into the virustotal's search, to get all the gory details. anubis.iseclab.org limits files to 8 megabytes. Another way to avoid malware is:

Pour ma part, pr les apk, j'ai pas pu trouver d'infos sur internet sur les trojans présents, si c'est des faux positifs ou non. Donc mtnt, je n'installe que des apk clean sur virustotal. Ya aussi un autre site intéressant pr scan, je sais pas si c'est utile de le faire aussi, mais je le fais ds le doute ^^ : https://apkscan.nviso.be

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